Know Thyself - Welcome @ Kristo's blog

Know Thyself - Welcome @ Kristo's blog
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maandag 4 augustus 2014

The future of humanity at a crossroad in human history - will we choose a new social order of worlddemocracy peace and integrity, or will the outcome be an Orwellian New World Order? The solution depends on the consciousness of all of us!

This hidden enemy is within the human heart 
Man must transcend or he misses his higher destiny. 
An inner war is it, beyond any doubt

Sri Aurobindo

Humanity must stand up and create a new social order of peace, democracy and integrity - otherwise others will take the lead and it might turn out in a new order of tyranny, governed by the Enlightened Ones [The Olygarchy - The Commitee of 300 - The Black Nobility]. The choice is there for all of humanity, and there is free will to choose what direction we want to go. If humanity doesn't take the lead, others will do it for us ... We are at the crossroads for the future ... the time to act is now! There seem to be only two outcomes : global democracy (as stated by Manly Hall in his book 'The Secret Destiny of America') or global tyranny like Orwell's 1984 or Huxley's Brave New World. Choose wise! [Written by an insider - myself]

We've been warned by George Orwell what the outcome can be if we don't fight for a democratic and fair world - as one humanity, interconnected and interdependent. The United Nations are the only world forum we have and represents the global consciousness, through which - we hope - peace can be kept in the world.

The alternative is not so pretty ... movies have been made about it as a warning - by insiders who knew what they were talking about.

The only medicine is to work as one humanity, realising how we are all connected, and rise above our egos and nationalisms, or conflicts and wars based on religion, land and/or language will never be solved. Dialogue and dialogue alone, striving for win-win situations might be the only solution for the problems we are facing.

Realise, that we all bleed the same color, realise integral, planetary consciousness, and become peace. Global problems ask for global solutions. Work for peace and diplomacy. Work with the United Nations towards peace and people in Gaza and Oekraïne, put down your guns and use your hearts and brains to solve conflicts through dialogue. Don't push humanity in another global catastrophe. All citizens of the world must put pressure on our governments to implement these ideas, and ask the United Nations to solve these conflicts through dialogue for peace. It's still possible. A sustainable future is still possible, if we act now!
A free humanity must to refuse to become a victim of the 'pharmacological revolution' where Aldous Huxley talked about. Be aware (see image below)

Those who really care about the wellbeing of humanity must refuse to accept this to become a living reality. An individual is made to nurtured, educated well, taken care of, directed into the life of his dreams, including studies, work and/or hobbies or other activities. Science and knowledge can help humans to get the best possible out of their lives, what is quite the opposite of an enslaved population, serving who? A tiny elite who benefits from all of this (what doesn't mean that all elites are bad, there are wonderful people amongst them!). People with a heart fight such ideas with all of their body, mind and soul. Our freedoms are under attack, our food is becoming genetically modified, vaccinations are not has healthy as we thought they were, and I know from the very upper regions of our society that there is a plan of secretly trying to depopulate the human race. As a practional boddhisattva, I'm here to protect all sentient beings, and expose these plans, in order to prevent them to become a reality. I hope you all join me in this quest.

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