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Know Thyself - Welcome @ Kristo's blog
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woensdag 10 september 2014

Work in progress - more confessions of the inward journey [Part 2 of the series]

Next writing on subjects where people don't dare to talk about - let's destroy all stigma and taboo and talk openly like wise people, for the benefit of others who might be helped with these stories.

I intended to write a piece about so-called profiteers, te useless eaters, who don't benefit neither humanity nor the economy. They seem to be found and activated or destroyed as soon as possible in Flanders. I am blessed that I was allowed to work for 5 years for a mental health organisation, working with the most neglected part of humanity, as I struggled periods of depression, mania, and psychosis myself, what later was the result of a slightly disturbed awakened kundalini energy. I never met these profiteers, I met succesful people, even once a psychiatrist himself hospitalised after a psychotic episode (I prefer to call it a visionary state, according to Dr. John Weir Perry) This extreme suffering forced me myself to yoga and meditation and after five years the energy exploded and I suffered the same consequences as described by Pandit Gopi Krishna, the journey towards enlightenment through the yoga of fire, the yoga of complete surrendering. I was blessed to work with a psychiatrist as a volunteer who gave me and a friend many books about the lives of the mystics, and that really helped. All the trauma, neurosis, psychoses, complexes, fears and even the archetypes of the collective unconsciouss came to the surface once the kundalini became extremely active, pumping high voltages of electricity through my body, it hard to discribe this evolutionary energy in man. I faced the cancer of my grandmother, who died when I was with her through euthanasia. I suffered Epstein-Barr infection which was chronic with a swollen liver, and my doctor feared liver cancer within six months. Herbs, vitamins, homeopathic cures, rest, sports battled the danger of losing all of my immune capacity and the treat for liver cancer was completely removed thanks to the great cure, as far as the liver was concerned, but the Epstein Barr became chronically active, attacking my own immune system. I was after two years almost in a wheel chair, and at the same time going through the turmoil of the kundalini. Every chakra that was purified through the energy gave me another illness, above the Epstein Barr. I suffered from cystitis, later on my sexual desire went up and low, then the liver problem as said earlier, a swollen thymus and heart problems followed as the kundalini moved up through the spinal chord, Epstein Barr for two years with swollen glands, later on a psychosis followed when the third eye was awakened and purified and gave me visions of the crucifixion of Christ, all towards the cleansing and awakening of the Crown chakra, what made me literary move out my body for weeks. I felt the energy flowing through my skull and I was not in my body. It took me on a path of looking for spiritual help. A theosophist said that it was kundalini and gave me a good book in a spiritual store. I was helped by The Spiritual Emergency Network founded by doctor Stanislav Grof, was helped by a chakra healer, ended up in Theosophical lodges and communities, but hardly had professional help 24/7 from the mainstream mental health community, besides their forced drugging and labeling it as schizophrenia, whilst kundalini is something completely different, very well documented in the right literature. Psychiatry saw this all as the result of psychosis, but I knew through transpersonal psychology that this existed. I was only drugged more, sometimes hospitalised after extreme exhaustion, what later on was treated by magnesium and calcium supplements, what cured my Extreme Chronique Fatigue Syndrome, and got my out of the situation in a wheelchair. For about 4 years I was on the run for psychiatrists, sometimes I had to visit one because our government ask regular visit of a doctor who needs to write a document in order to provide you a basic income. Most of these doctors gave me drugs against psychosis, what in the end made it worse. The kundalini became so heavy as if 40 000 Volts of electricy flew through my body after I took the medicine that was prescribed to me. The energy wanted to cleanse my body from the poison. During the liver crisis, I was forced to quite all medicine, and was sometimes helped with tips from a shaman who was initiated in theosophy and people from the Lucis Trust. I read about 200 books on the occult as I experiended precognition, synchronicity, telepathy, telekinesis, lucid dreaming and psychiatry, and had dreams that predicted events in the future, I always had the same answer from the mainstream mental health: you are hallucinating. I found many of my experiences described in occult literature. I destroyed a lot a electrical devices with my hands when the energy was too strong. Shamans laughed with beginner accidents and said : we all went through the crisis of purifying fire, ground better and you won't destroy the electrical devices anymore with your energy. Sometimes when I walked in my living room, all the object that I passed by, started making cracking sounds. I realised that I could influence the cracking with my mind by sending mental energy towards the objects around me. I could not move objects, but I was able to influence the cracking, what lasted for several weeks. Even if i visited friends, their television started to make the cracking noise when I walked through the living room As soon as I realised that I could influence the sound with my mind, I showed it to a family member who watched at me as if I was a magician and went home soon in fear, he ran away when I saw performing strange phenomena. Now I know that this is all temporary, these siddhis and these occult phenomena, and they are not important for the entire process as an awakened blissfull state of inner peace must be the goal. They are the by-effect of the kundalini, these paranormal phenomena. In times of serious transformation I was awake for days and nights, I wrote poetry and music during those days. I still have it when the energy is high, particularly when I am in a creative period. Because I had to help myself through the books, had some phone calls with a doctor from the spiritual emergency network as a free guidance, I was on my own for the rest and able to get on the bed going through the purification process of the kundalini. I was not helped 24/7 as needed and recommended by Stan Grof, because there are no clinics yet that help people alternatively. People go through such a huge amount of suffering that they sometimes. Until at a certain points studying the books of the Lucis Trust, written by Alice Bailey, I entered a period of demonic possession. Something entered my consciousness and I felt like becoming as mad as Hitler, because of psychiatrists only giving medicine, whilst in extreme crisis this can be dangerous and one needs 24/7 supervision in a loving environment with people who know the process. Some monastries offer to stay, but most of the people end up in the horror of psychiatric institualisation and forced drugging, isolation rooms, as I was even hospitalised two times against my will after getting an answer with a disc with demo-songs from Madonna Ciccone after I gave her Street Soul through mail. I talked about my experiences with my environment, they all thaught that I was hallucinating and I did a suicide attempt through hara kiri. I survived but was forced to take meds again, until today I am still of a small dose, because they change the brain and are addictive - and govas need financial support.  I allmost stopped with the meds when it went better when the suicide attempt followed because I couldn't stand people calling me insane while my books written by great wise doctors described everything I went through. The battle against psychiatry who never heard of kundalini went on, and when I met a psychiatrist who knew the process, they only described drugs and saying : kundalini is dangerous, take the drugs. During meditation I awakened the kundalini in my ex-girldfriend and in another girlfriend, only by being in their presence. My ex-girlfriend couldn't handle the process, ended up in psychiatry as well, and the other girlfriend got help from an experienced yoga teacher. Sometimes in extremely difficult periods while I was battling the effect of the poison given to me by psychiatry, I took extra stimulants in order to be able to function normally instead of like a zombie. Two times I was brought in a state of spiritual emergency towards a mental clinic, as the judge ruled that I was psychotic. I only had extreme paranormal experiences, and experenced events during initiation crises and nobody people could really guide me. Since childhood I experienced phenomena as  extra sensory perception, once with a man who came to a restaurant, telling me and my mom that I was paranormally gifted. We had never seen the man before. I told us that when I move his hand, some paranormals experienced some phenomena. Indeed, at a certain moment I saw a lighting ball flowing through the restaurant, followed by an exploision, I thought that the firemen had to come because of this accident, but nobody moved and went on with dinner. My mother asked me "What's wrong, you behave so strange?". I asked if nobody had seen the lightning ball and heared the exploision. Nobody had seen a thing, until the mystery man said. "I saw it as well, only those with the sixth sense for astral and extrasensory perception can experience this as I move my right hand or arm agressively. My mother didn't understand a thing of my experience. The man named Nico and told me : "One day if you meet the Devil, kick him in his ass".

The whole experience brought me on the task, the dharma, of writing about these experiences. Denish Dutrieux warned that if the environment does not understand the spiritually transformative process of kundalini, people can become really mad because they question their own insanity. This lead me towards the forced hospitalisations, where more than often I met the hypersensitive part of society, these 25% who are in danger of suffering a severe crisis because of the stress in the Western world. Because of the treatments based on drugs and often torture and misuse of authority in these institutions, human rights are often not respected and people are used as objects to be drugged as soon as possible and to listen to the all-knowing authority of the psychiatrist. I met several spiritual people in these institutions who were more wise on the fact of wisdom of the inner worlds and yoga and art and philosophy than their doctors. I ended up four times in isolation, because I rebelled against the authoritarian way of treatment and the forced drugging, whilst as Bonnie Greenwell estimates, one third of the people there are lost in their mystical, kundalini-like experiences that need guidance of somebody with wisdom of the inner worlds, like an enlightened master, or a shaman, or a yogi. These altered states are selfhealing, forcing people to become teachers and healers themselves, or artists, are world servers or whatever possible, but the outcome is good, if properly guided instead of supressed by forced medicine, they are so sensitive the ones who go through these experiences, defintely when trauma is involved, they react with the symptoms of mental illness. I was blessed that I live in this period on time, because before the 1960, mystical experiences like the shamanic crisis, or the visionary crisis, or the kundalini syndrome, were not known in the West. Gopi Krishna was the first one who spread his message about his experience for the West, but science doesn't believe in it, my own friends sometimes laughed at me when I talked about the lives of the Buddha, the Shamans, the Yogis, the Saints, the Masters, the Wise men and women, who all in one way or another experience the same kinds of initiatory crises as it is known in the ancient mysteries. Some people are really in a mad states as a result of trauma of the past, but if Mrs. Greenwell is right, at least 33% of the people in mental health institutions go through the kundalini crisis. An African shaman sees mental illness in the West as good news from the other worlds because a potential healer is born, or a teacher, or an artist, a writer, someone who is meant to go through this experience in order to help his community later on with his gained wisdom of the soul. Long ago, sensitives in crises became the priestly royal advisors, those who helped those in power with their work of serving the community. Elaine Aran, the psychologist, did wonderful research in the field of hypersensitives, who are neglected in the West, as it is a blessing that people like Ken Wilber, Abraham Maslow and Stanislav Grof founded transpersonal psychology in the sixties, as they take spiritual and paranormal phenomena seriously. They know how to handle possession states, the visionary states as very beautifully described by John Weir Perry, who followed Jung with his vision that psychosis is in a fact a visionary crisis of initiation. In some African tribes, people who could integrate the experience well, became the nexts priests or shamans themselves and guided the tribe. Our society in this Kali Yuga period, sees so many so-called mentally ill people as a people who need to be brainwashed, drugged and mind-controlled, often because of political, economical and social reasons. People in these states can neglect for a while all social rules, and are seen as mavericks that need to be controlled as soon as possible; My research on mind control in psychiatry affirms that the so-called mentally ill are used for experiements, the same goes on for people in prison. This happens until this very present day, in the states with the help from governments and the C.I.A., in my country I experienced stranged phenonema, as people are put into severe stress in order to let their wills collaps, so that they are easily programmed again. I don't know for sure, but I have seen mysterious hospitals in my life, who served more as prisons than as hospitals.

With the rise of transpersonal and integral psychology, we come closer towards a science of the soul, where people can be really helped, instead of only being controlled like a dog by behavioral psychology, are tortured and drugged. I believe that the wisdom of these spiritual states needs to be viewed as transformative and healing, in a shamanic way, and if properly guided, they end up in individuals who might be still hypersensitive, but able to live on their own, and help humanity in a environment of no stress. Some of them are mystics, artists to be born, thinkers, whatever you might call them. Isn't it known that many great mind of history all heared the voice of their daemon, their inner mentor. People like Socrates, Plato, Pythagoras. All people who where initiated into the sacred mysteries heared an inner urge, that sometimes sounds like a voice, thus that's the effect it has on the physical brain, it's an inner tendency that makes itself knowable like a voice, often given inner advice and might be of a great help. Stanislav Grof realises this, and people like professor Lukoff as well, after he went through such an experience himself after using LSD. He known uses a spiritual approach towards altered states. This is the psychology of the future, as the present torture and forced drugging on a mass scale (it's an epidemic, even children become the early victims of the greed of the pharmaceutical society) in order to keep people in line, instead of changing economical and political solutions in society itself as the cure, are still the reality. A basic income for all, the use of psychology as a tool with tests, in order to find out who is introvert, extravert, what the psychology type is, what the best job for people might be according to their types and talents, and so on, in trauma therapy, really healing the trauma in the therapeutic process instead of prescribing a drug, and that's it, would do much more. We are hypnotised by a drug based culture.

I myself refused the drugs, was isolated and tied-up as a result of this, I once protected a gay person who was being bullied. I kicked the bullyer on the face, to was locked up again. I protested after being forced by law to let me being injected with Haldol, a heavy damaging drug what turned me into a plant; as I needed stimulants to counter the huge effect of these poisons. In the meanwhile I gave books to my psychiatrists about kundalini, yoga, cosmic consciousnessness, spiritual emergencies, the message of shamanism, the wisdom of freemasonry and theosophy as a help when nobody else here knows about occult phenomena. These doctors never heared about these things in their education, look at me as if I was an alien, labeled it schizophrenia, but some of them kept the books and actually read about and I hope they learned something new in the end. Jungian-Shamanic research sees sever psychosis sometimes as ancestral possession, where a spirit of your ancestry forces you to become spiritually wise, on throw you on the path by giving you symptoms, in order to start the process of looking for cure, and becoming spiritual. People from consciousness research told me that awakening processes have an ancestral element. If someone all of a sudden becomes ill and later enlightened, it's in your ancestry, as a former family member possibly went through the same process once. I never researched this. I only had an uncle who talked with gods and godesses, was tremendously medicated, heared voices, and killed himself because he had no life.

I hope for the very future that psychology and psychiatry will evolve towards the healing wisdom offered by transpersonal psychiatry, as I believe the majority of psychotics and suffers of schizophrenia can be cured by alternatives. Medicines are only benefitial in extreme emergencies, and the dosis must be very low. On a long term analysis, journalist Robert Whitaker found out that all pharmaceuticals used for depression, anxiety and psychosis, often makes people more vulnerable for the symptoms and cause the symptoms that they were meant to cure, on the long run.

When I - tomorrow- all of a sudden want to kill the president and his family, okay, they must control me, nobody should damage the integrity of another person. But that are crimes, if they result from altered states when a lot of trauma and anger can be released in a catharsis, sometimes it is necesarry to control people by force. But the majority of the people are so controlled as little children, with allmost no freedom at all, and the authority of many doctors is misused and torture is often the treatment in psychiatry today. The influence of eugenics plays an important role, as the sensitives are often seen as to maladapted and not useful for labour and thus need to be destroyed. I sometimes ask myself as if these drugs that are used are not destroying drugs in one way or another. At the same time, I met the most authentic beautiful people in psychiatry who could become jewels and great personalities, if treated differently with what I hope as the science of the soul psychology has to become.

A paradigm shift is needed, in the whole field of science, where cures are suppressed because of the money. In my whole life with 50% fighting all kinds of disease, triggered by the kundalini that let you become purified of all karma, I had the most benefit from homeopathic remedies, and small dosis of pharmaceuticals in severe crisis, as the nervous system can really hurt and suffer tremendous pains when going through a crisis. I found the same symptoms in the described kundalini process of Jiddu Krishnamurti who saw Krishna, couldn't have light on his body, was oversensitive to sound, entered the bliss of God and saw the Masters behind the theosophical society. Me as a regular former sex, drugs and rock 'n roll guitar player and singer-songwriter, would never expect me one day to have visions of Christ's crucificixion. This is the collective unconscious become activated through archetypes. People in other cultures will see Krishna, or Mohammed, or Mary, it depend on the culture, what kind of visions people go through. I see myself as a mystic, I took years of study in occutism, survived demonic possession during the Alice Bailey study, and fell back on Christian mysticism, buddhism, hinduism, even islam, the Jewish Caballah, and all kinds of paths that offer insights, gnosis, on the experiences you go through and called insane for, being laughed at for your so-called hallucinations, whilst all the great seeers and mystics of the ages go through the same experiences, as those who go through the difficulties of initiation into the mysteries. It really had to take so long until people like Stanislav Grof appeared, to bring the wisdom on these healing, purifying states of consciousness back to the West, so that one day we might encourage a crisis as a pain of hell that goes before the mental realisation of the Kingdom of God, with states of ecstacy, unity with the universe and bliss as a possible outcome. Many of these people are better of in mystical brotherhoods or buddhist monastaries, than in psychiatric clinics, where authority, drugs and torture are fact of the day. For the sake of all these beautiful souls in the future I write this, as for future doctors in the fields. Make psychiatry ethical again, and realise that some psychologists are physicians or psychiatrists often confess that they themselves went through a spiritual crisis before making healing their profession of choice. Most of these doctors don't talk about it, because of the stigma on these subjects, but in the 21st century this might be so common, that the mental health field must be prepared and transformed. It will cost society less, because people will become individualised, and able to go on with their lives, with lesser stress, and sometimes medicine in times of crisis, but they must never be forced against their wills to take pharmaceuticals that turns them into zombies for the rest of their lives, of victims of the torture that happened behind closed doors, if only the doctors in charge would take some time to heal with compassion and understanding and patience, before the first drug is needed, and if a drug is needed, use it only for a very short time. I never intended our society to become a Brave New World. I believe that the course of history can be changed for the benefit of the entire community. As people even amongst the elites, light end up in these hospitals. I know from persons from very rich and famous backgrounds, often superstars or famous personities, that they went through the same horror. This must change, for Christ's sake!

The website of professor David Lukoff is recommended for further research, as he had his own spiritual emergency, thinking himself to be the next buddha, if you asked me, he became the buddha for the psychology of the future. Thanks doc, and respect for your efforts - - website of Dr David Lukoff, Professor of psychology- experienced altered states himself and offers information on the subject, a respectable pioneer as well! He became a healer, the ultimate outcome of such an integrated visionary experience. I take the arts and writing as my output.

All hope is not lost, psychology is becoming mature, and I am writing for both governments, psychiatrists, psychologists and helpers of all kinds, family members of people in altered states who got into the horror of forced hospitalisation, where we are still waiting for the paradigm shift, so much needed for the 21st century. Freud was a genious Freud is history and Grof and Wilber are alive! The field of health must evolve towards an holistic, integral appproach for the future, as doctors will need to become a little bit the experienced shamans of the future. Stanislav Grof, Ken Wilber, David Lukoff, Will Hall and many others are the pioneers here and the heros for sure. Thank you very much, gentlemen!

Let's hope that people will read this with an open heart and change this system, under the Hippocratic Oath of "Do No Harm". Unfortunately we hear too often that the real homeopathic geniuses are called quacks, and the torturers get rich. The world is turned upside down, and the evil needs to get out of this approach of working with the most sensitive and tortured of all. Yes, we can!

I realised through my volunteers work and study for years, that there are no real profiteers of the system. The wealth is in the hands of less than 1% of the population, and the rest are workers or debts slaves. I asked Mehal Rockefeller : Mehal brother, share your wealth, provide a basic income for all, but he didn't really reacted on this. We must not envy is the message. I never envy, I speak for humanity. For God's sake. Besides that Mehal is a remarkable Rockefeller with wisdom and a taste of humor, however his family made health care drug based, he must understand that I preach integral medicine, homeopathy included, as for sure, as a doctor of medicine himself, he uses Ayurveda an alternative medicine for himself, because he knows what are the best cures. Knowledge is power, use it wisely, for the benefit of mankind, please!

These days the kundalini is balanced, I feel it becoming active when in creative periods, but the process was stopped by forced drugging as I again try to stop these drugs, use my grounding exercises and yoga, and meditations to stay balanced, using the insights and skills I learned at a shamanic workshop in order to master my mind. During the day I practice mindfulness, and in a state of stress or fear, I can easily go into a blissful calm state where everything is under control. Psychosis only appears when fear is involved, when one sees too much in one time of other worlds that one can handle. The shaman learns to master this, I'm still working in this thanks to the guidance of many traditions and their wisdom, but I follow my own inner voice and master and feel that I am on the right track. According to yogi master Dutrieux, the whole process can take 20,30 or even 100 years, a whole lifetime so to speak, before the nirvana state appears. I refused nirvana very early as I felt myself entering it, and return half-awakened as a boddhisattva, leaving my own salvation behind my or as of secundary importance in order to help others. I did this incognita for years behind the scenes when I was working with the Lucis Trust, but now I use my knowledge on the United Nations to help protecting the world against disasters that I feel are in front of us. With a team of invisible helpers we tried to stop the wars in Israel, people in governments did their parts in politics, we used the internet and facebook and it worked all together. The European Union won the Nobel Peace Prize. Often, when I feel that I have the energy, because I still go through some hardships that were caused by the torture in isolation and the forced injections with Zombie drugs, I am now free, accused the doctor involved of torture at our local police station. The government gave me while I was locked up a lawyer to control my money "because I payed too much rent and gave too much money to good causes". What an insane world, the system works so hard in order to block and control people who are labeled as so-called insane, while they have no clue of what is going on in the unseen worlds. People into esoteric freemasonry and theosophy will understand this, but the majority of the people only see a strange, often creative individual living outside the system, helping as a volunteer where possible, I worked most of the time with a basic income and served for free for years. I might be in contact with a Rockefeller, I'm not on this earth for my own gain, I'm here to serve, following my dharma. I feel that at age 50, or maybe earlier, the process might be completed. I hope that I can stay out of the hands of psychiatry until have become wiser of spiritual subjects. I now visit a doctor who I dare to talk about the real causes of my struggle, but after all these years I tend no to trust psychiatrists at all, after all I know, about how to the system is misused for brainwashing on so on. Anyway, Belgium is in the end a beautiful country and our politicians are okay. The Flemish people might be narrow-minded, only based on work as a status symbol, where I as a mystic who flower better in the East. I was on my way hidgehicking to India, but my mother saw this as a symptom of psychosis and forced me by law in the hospitals again. And so I have a history of severe childhood trauma, severe physical and mental health crises, now feeling better than ever. I still need much rest to be able to handle the next steps, because the spiritual tests never stop. In the mystery religions this is very well known, the experiences that test our endurance and mental will are sometimes so extreme that I am glad it goes a little bit easier now, with a kundalini in balance, no more high voltage attacks, and I will keep on writing, living sober, trying to help as a volunteer through facebook, waiting until schools like the Californian Institute of Integral Studies or Naropa University, for instance, where all of this can be scientifically studied. As long as psychology in my country remains braindead on these subjects, I wait until better times might come. I survived post-traumatic stress syndrome after the torture done to my against my will,the inititiations and tests makes people strong-will and kind hearted and as an invisible angelic protector behind the scene I work with my team and we do what is necessary, whilst seen by mainstream society as lazy or insane.  are only extremely sensitive nervous systems working together with the INNER government of the planet. Research on this if you want to know more about it. The masters themselves who live on the mountains, far away from the civilised world, because they could hardly exist because they have even more sensitive nervous systems. My nervous system became stronger after the kundalini process, but still I have some periods that I just need to sleep and sleep and in my dreams I often see what needs to be done next.

There is a spiritual battle between good and dark forces in the unseen worlds, and I intent to take part of being a benevolent force. It is expected that after the year 2025 these Masters of the East would walk amongst the people, as far as I have been told, but I never never met one, I only ready their books and teachings, but now for a while base myself on further study of the religious traditions that I know not much about like Islam.

This materialistic, macho-man, listening to Metal and Hard rock in my teenage years, living for adventure and dreaming to become a rich computer programmer ended up with the life of a mystic / occultist who still faces a lot a bad luck, with people who are very important to me fighting cancer, and I myself needs surgery because I have a cyste that needs to be removed.

I've been through harder obstacles. There are few things that can make me fear. The first part of my training was developing a state of fearlessness, and when faced evil forces, remaining calm in a higher state of consciousness until the evil forces vanish because they can't stand higher frequenties. Part of my job is contructive building, uniting opposites, being a cyber-diplomat sometimes. Seeing thing becoming a reality in the material world that I was working on years before it was even visible in the material worlds, as the adepts, often lonely, walk as pioneers in front of the ignorant masses, whilst from another point of view being seen as the last ones in te row, because they don't fit in in the mainstream world. I know many folks in this situation working with the inner governments of this planet, fighting heavy battles, who are really heroes, nothing is what it seems. We will have to wait until humanity evolves further. My greatest concern is the evolution towards another world war, what forces behind the scenes who are not benevolent try since 2010, but the great dangers where always eliminated by people like me, through facebook, sometimes contact people within politics to pass a message. Most of the people I know are into the arts, I like artists the most, they also sense more, are gifted, some of them are poor, some or them are famous, and some of them are the greatest stars of all times, lots of people of all walks of life came into my life, I observe, try to learn, am myself and help when needed, or learn a lesson when somebody as something to teach me. Very simple I live my life, worthly earnings are not of my desires. As a buddhist monk, I try to focus on the next step of growth, often accomponied with a more dangerous and adventurous crisis in consciousness. I hope they wait a while until I am out of the hospital.

Study the works of the mystics, the sages, the yogis, the saints, the wise, the holy people, if you want to understand the universe in which people like me often keep of giving and giving and fighting for protection of the human race, without asking anything in return, seldom recognised, as servants. If one day people are helped by what we do, than the mission is completed. The trap of the Luciferian paths towards enlightenment is getting stuck in the knowledge, forgetting the Love. I focus now on Love and Compassion, and will go through the following tests with dignity and a fighting-spirit.

I intend after these series, what I possibly will bundle into a book, to write poetry again, like the great Rumi did. We'll see ... the world of the mystics is often not to be described in words, but to be experienced. It's a journey towards love, compassion and God.

And for those who damage my integrity, my humanity, but putting me through the torture in these institutions. They are so not-knowing. Reductionalistic-materialistic science is so childish. Quantum physics was a revelation, but the proven fact of the existance of the soul, and the Supramental Consciousness as living worlds and realities needs to be studied by psychology everywhere; The writings of Ken Wilber, Stanislav Grof and Sri Aurobindo on consciousness are a great help. So those who cause me harm and trauma because you know not what you do, as Christ would say. I am only trying to help facing many battles, having many responsabilities on the level of the soul. Nothing is what it seems, those who walk the same path would understand me, but in the end, I am just that mysterious guy from Antwerp, as I myself was awakened by a mysterious guy with that message for me at age 10. Life is rollercoaster, enjoy it beyond any doubt or shame, the devils will pass, and you all will walk with the gods and the angels, in everlasting peace of the compassionate heart.

For the torturers of the past: Father, forgive them for they know not what they do:One day thy eyes will be opened, and thy will see, if thy aret luckyMany are called but few are chosen - to pay the price of enduranceInto worlds and realms beyond human comprehension.Cosmic Consciousness is the future stage of humanity,One day, only God knows when ....Be happy and joyful,Celebrating life ....
Know Thyself and look into  Thy Hearts
is my only advice,
The rest will follow.
It's very easy.
So easy,
As Lao Tse said:
Handle through not-handling
Natural, unforced, mindfull


  Namasté - Ohm Shanti Shantiner - Hail the Jewel in the Lotus

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