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Know Thyself - Welcome @ Kristo's blog
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vrijdag 21 februari 2014

Integral research : spiral dynamics and the coming shift in consciousness and society.

99% of the world's population is at first tier consciousness, so they have a worldview that sees only its own perspective, this can be egocentric, etnocentric or worldcentric, depending on the stage of development. All people evolve from egocentric through etnocentric towards woldcentric and later even kosmocentric worldviews. For more information on this, it's recommended to study the spiral dynamics model. At this moment in time, 70% procent of the world's population have a wordview that is egocentric [me] or etnocentric [my nation, my people, my tribe] in nature.


LevelColor CodePopular NameThinkingCultural manifestations and personal displays
Level 8TurquoiseWholeViewHolisticcollective individualism; cosmic spirituality; earth changes
Level 7yellowFlexFlowEcologicalnatural systems; self-principle; multiple realities; knowledge
Level 6GreenHumanBondConsensusegalitarian; feelings; authentic; sharing; caring; community
Level 5OrangeStriveDriveStrategicmaterialistic; consumerism; success; image; status; growth
Level 4BlueTruthForceAuthoritymeaning; discipline; traditions; morality; rules; lives for later
Level 3RedPowerGodsEgocentricgratification; glitz; conquest; action; impulsive; lives for now
Level 2PurpleKinSpiritsAnimisticrites; rituals; taboos; super- stitions; tribes; folk ways & lore
Level 1BeigeSurvivalSenseInstinctivefood; water; procreation; warmth; protection; stays alive

Here is a short introduction to the Spiral Dynamics model of consciousness, with its different values and worldviews :

Keep in mind that the green level of consciousness is pluralistic and understands different points of view, but it still thinks that its pluralistic way of seing the world is the only right way of looking at the world, it's only at the more integral stages of consciousness that we start to see the unity of everything.

After the momentous leap in consciousness, some individuals arrive at second tier - integral (*) - consciousness. They realise the unity of all worldviews and try to find a synthesis in order to stop the "war of the worldviews" currently happening in all levels of first tier consciousness. They realise that everybody is right from their point of development. At the moment, only 1 to 2% of the world's population is at second tier integral (holistic) consciousness. Ken Wilber and some pioneering developmental psychologists expect a tsunami of second tier 'integral' consciousness in the coming decade , where 10% of the world's population will reach second tier integral consciousness and this will create a "tipping point" in consciousness within society. From that moment on, all of the "lower" levels will adapt integral thinking from their point of view. This also happened during the French revolution when 10% of the world's population moved to orange (scientific / global thinking) and the entire society moved with it, creating new, orange laws and a total new worldcentric orange society. This also happened in the sixties when 10% reached green and the entire society shifted with new civil rights activism, the sexual revolution and awareness on climate issues, which resulted in green political parties and green laws. We expect a next social shift during the coming decade; when 10% of the population reaches integral second tier worldviews. This shift will not only involve a group from shifting to the next level [next valueMeme]; but will also include the shift of a tier. People will experience this shift as an evolution from striving needs (based on what's lacking) towards being needs (based on abundance and joy of what already is).

Second tier consciousness is unique in that sense that it respects all worldviews as fragments of its own being. Everyone has been at conformistic blue, scientific striving orange, pluralistic green and so on. At teal and turquoise, we realise for the first time how much we are equal and that we understand that all sentient beings are united and interconnected as world citizens on a beautiful planet earth where we as a humanity are all brothers and sisters. The lower levels of first tear consciousness are not less worth, they are parts of our own former selves and equal to us in right and dignity. Second tier consciousness knows that all wordviews are right from the point of view of the individuals according to its level of consciousness. It generates a growing amount of compassion for all that is, it realises its interconnectedness and how interdependant we all are for our collective survival. We do not try to impose our worldview unto others as the only possible truth in the universe, but try to find things in our lives where we are the same, where we can find a consensus and strive towards peace and brotherly respect and dignity as one big human family. Solutions for the world's problems can only be solved from a global, integral and interconnected point of viewing at things, realised at this stage. People at this level of development often work behind the scenes on global issues.

(*) "The word integral means comprehensive, inclusive, non-marginalizing, embracing. Integral approaches to any field attempt to be exactly that: to include as many perspectives, styles, and methodologies as possible within a coherent view of the topic. In a certain sense, integral approaches are “meta-paradigms,” or ways to draw together an already existing number of separate paradigms into an interrelated network of approaches that are mutually enriching."  – Ken Wilber

There is very little research done on third tier thinking, it spans from indigo through violet and ultraviolet towards clear light (nondual awareness - sat-chit-ananda). The very few pioneers at this level of development are the visionaries, saints and sages of the world, the leading edge of consciousness in society who realised some form of Cosmic Consciousness [the worldview thus becomes Kosmocentric]. Here grows a tremendous love and compassion for all sentient beings and the respect for all that lives. The inner motivation towards other beings is doing good, helping one another and trying to take away the problems of humanity by diminishing suffering everywhere possible. It's the realm of the saints, the sages, the buddha's, the boddhisattva's, the Gods, the prophets, the avatars and saviours of humanity and even all the great God-conscious founders of all the world's religions. It's the collective future of all of mankind to realise this stage of development by reaching Cosmic Consciousness once on a global scale, with its realised interdependance of all lifeforms on earth and in the universe.

Above is a model of the consciousness research done about all the levels of consciousness on the planet. Every level has got a colour, according to the Spiral Dynamics Model, started by the works of Dr. Clare Graves, and continued by Dr. Don Beck, Christopher Cowan and integrated by Ken Wilber and many other integral thinkers in the field of integral theory.

Above is another map from the Spiral Dynamics model, where the terminology used by Sri Aurobindo is also listed. Aurobindo was one of the first to list all these levels of consciousness through his prophetic writings.

 Ken Wilber explains what's happening in this video mentioned above, based on scientific research done by developmental psychologists and consciousness researchers throughout the world.

 All of this was predicted by Sri Aurobindo, the great visionary and revolutionary yogi, who predicted a future of higher transpersonal development for the human race, where the current human stage is only a temporary stage. We are moving towards transhuman realms of existence. We all have the abilty to reach these higher realms through study and meditation, in order to become all God-conscious or Truth-conscious. Sri Aurobindo was one of the first people on the planet to map the different levels of consciousness during his observations whilst practicing yoga. He developped integral yoga for humanity to bring that higher Supramental Consciousness to planet earth, in order to enlighten the material-physical plane with the Light from the higher realms. Enlightenment in all cells of our body so becomes a living reality. All of this is well-documented in his writings, where he laid the foundations for scholars to come, to built further on what he had discovered. Aurobindo and his spiritual partner The Mother founded Auroville [], the city of the future. As written on Auroville's website:

"Auroville wants to be a universal town where men and women of all countries are able to live in peace and progressive harmony above all creeds, all politics and all nationalities. The purpose of Auroville is to realise human unity."

His pioneering work gave birth to the Californian Institute of Integral Studies [], founded by a few followers of Aurobindo's legacy and Ken Wilber's Integral Institute []. They all work on the realisation of unity consciousness on the planet, where the mystics of the centuries where the first to realise this state of unity consciousness. Soon all of this will be available for all of humanity, for those who want to experiment with integral study, meditation and service to humanity. So much knowledge and wisdom is available know since the emergence of the internet in global village. To read more about Sri Aurobindo, visit
During my lifetime and research, based on my own experiences, I realised that every crisis in life announces a shift in consciousness, often accompanied with an illness, physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. This is the missing link within medicine, psychology and psychiatry at this very moment in time. All crisis, illness and disease on all levels, from the physical, through the emotional and mental, towards the spiritual, can hold the promise of living through the experience whilst growing from level to level and becoming stronger afterwards. If we could embrace every crisis as an opportunity of transformation, rather than suppressing it for instance with too much medication and forced hospitalisation (so common in society these days, for as far as psychiatry is concerned), we then can change the whole field of mental and physical health care for the better, by changing its paradigm from the viewpoint of lifelong disasters and ruined lives, towards the realisation of the hidden potential for growth, available in all of us, leading towards renewal and rebirth where the individual learns to embrace his periods of despair in order to become much stronger once the difficult period has been overcome. A shift in worldviews and level of consciousness is one of these opportunities, so often preceded by a tremendous crisis. For more information on Spiral Dynamics, order the first book on the subject by Dr Don Beck - Spiral Dynamics: Mastering Values, Leadership and Change.

Read more about Ken Wilber's pioneering work :
In the end, the goal remains unity amongs all humans on earth and a peaceful living together without destroying ourselves and our fellow men. That's why second and third tier consciousness is so important, because it understands that we need to cooperate as one big human family. These materials and consciousness studies in general are recommended if you want to take a deeper look at all of this and - maybe for the first time - get involved in integral thinking in order to become a more consciousness and loving human being that starts the realise how hard we need each other to survive on this beautiful planet. Good luck and may all sentient beings realise their unity and interdependance so that worldpeace can prevail! A global shift in consciousness might lay the foundations of peace amongst all citizens and amongst all nations. And it's happening right now, step by step.

The pioneering mapmakers laid the foundations of the great task of evolution that is set up for humanity for the next 500 years or so. It's a vision of hope, love and wisdom in the future for ALL of us. The greater the consciousness, the greater the ability to love and show empathy, and the lesser the fear and suffering. It's really worth living your life to its fullest potential, because everybody's right.

(c) Copyright & research by Kristof Van Hooymissen 2014 - Creative Common License
[trying to live in unity consciousness, humble on the Path]

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