Know Thyself - Welcome @ Kristo's blog

Know Thyself - Welcome @ Kristo's blog
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maandag 3 februari 2014

Gopi Krishna : Kundalini energy in Buddha Jesus & All Mystics of world.

Gopi Krishna was a scientifically well informed man who wrote a detailed account of his life story and dramatic kundalini awakening which first occurred in 1937 and stabilized roughly 12 years later into a full state of perennial enlightenment in around 1949. According to Gopi Krishna, this disaster is only avertable by a scientific understanding of the evolutionary mechanism in the body known as kundalini, and a consequent return to moral standards - though not necessarily those of a prurient, puritanical nature - which are in harmony with our current stage of evolutionary development, and pre-requisite for us taking the next step of the evolutionary ladder, into what he describes as "a fairytale like kingdom of light, beauty, intelligence and bliss."

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