Know Thyself - Welcome @ Kristo's blog

Know Thyself - Welcome @ Kristo's blog
David - I adore the community of saints / Gelukpa's

zondag 3 mei 2020

Prayers to G'd for the healing of all the abused children and women. - Ressurect Ibrahim from His Grave.

Prayers to G'd Allmighty to bring us Ibrahim back to life.
RIse from Your graves and bring the Truth to humanity, muslim friends and brothers and sisters.
With G'd, all things are possible.
Blessings to all who work for the truth and Truth not Lies about Saint Madeleine / Magdalene.
Kristo Gabriel
(Michael Joseph Jackson and His family is innocent. Michael was falsely accused
Including a Gabriel in France.
(We know what hate is disguising)
The snake hates sometimes but is a holy animal.
Marguerite Tatcher will be brought to justice with another Peter for what they did with children.
I am not Kristof Peter Gabriel
My real name is Kristo Gabriel Carina van Hoogmissen.
Peter is the satanic consciousness (666) with disrespect to women which will be thrown out of heaven, just like lucifer and satan and the dragon.


Thomas, Filip and Magdalene are the REAL HEROES? The Real Royalty is in Stuivenberg / Bilderberg / Nuremberg (Truth will come out about the innocent Jewish People).
And Saint Helena and other (fallen) saints and innocents.

That's the secret that Madonna didn't dare to share, but I do as Gabriel, the messenger Archangel.
The Truth is with the Freemasons and the Knights Templar.
Not with Peter.
Helena and Kathlena are innocent.
Benjamin does His best.

G'd does the rest
Madeleine / Magdelenes have been fasely accused. Peter's message is losing ground.
Please do not associate Peter with Me (Kristo Gabriel)

Thomas stay calm
Magdalene, the real church is Yours and Mine.

Filip is King. We have learned from history.
Alberto shut up you are a pedophile and have been a bad father just as Carlito was a bad father. The anti-Christ system (Dajjal) is failing and collapsing by the day. 

We are the royalty of learning not of wealth.
They sabotage my post.
There are serial killers here and yes they are some black people amongst them


Kristo(f) Gabriel (=High Degree Regular Freemason and Member of the Priory of Zion - Council of 9), Magdalene, Benjamin and Sarah.
If things doesn't change considering women and / or Children Peter or Pierre will be forbidden in Zion.
I am NOT Peter.

Kristo Gabriel Carina van Hooymissen
PS :  I did the Shiva Dance to bind the demons and throw them out of heaven.


PS After posting this Kathleen came to threaten me. The only thing they can do is intimidate. But it has no effects, just as the forced pills from big pharma have no effects on the receiver who uses it only to suppress people. It only attacks the sender (of black magic) and doesn't receiver.

(The enemies of Michael and Gabriel. Allah is an enemy to them - Mohammed). Amen, from the Noble Quran.

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