Know Thyself - Welcome @ Kristo's blog

Know Thyself - Welcome @ Kristo's blog
David - I adore the community of saints / Gelukpa's

zondag 3 mei 2020

David is KING !!!!! Why are you others so afraid of David?

YouTube delete David Icke - the man the Elite are terrified of - after complaint from @CCDHate. The reason is made-up. Where are you gutless media? Silent or cheering.

Shared by Kristo Gabriel
I could be The Christ (not the same as Jesus ... but I worked with Him. Or I could be Kristo Gabriel Himself. Think for yourself.
I could be Saint Germain as well

Only G'd knows and is in full control.
Not the satanic Church of Rome which is not My church anymore.
The power will go to Saint Mary Magdalene and Me - and a few true believers.
I stink because I am rich.

The Roman Empire aka The System is collapsing because of their wrongdoings.

K. Gabriel
(I predict more and more system failures announced). I only have verbal fights with lucifer / enki who thinks that he is in control but he is not.
God is in control and forever will be.

Kristo Gabriel

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