Know Thyself - Welcome @ Kristo's blog

Know Thyself - Welcome @ Kristo's blog
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zaterdag 15 februari 2020

InToTheLight News : Starseeds and Lighworkers.

Your soul can be made up of a composite of soul aspects or pieces.
The more soul aspects making up your soul, the stronger it will be. According to Pleiadian teachings, a Christed soul, which is the highest level of consciousness within our cosmos, is comprised of 144,000 soul aspects.

So the term Christ is actually a title, and if you reach that level of enlightenment Christ will be added to your name.

The idea of a Christed soul actually stems from how souls were created at the very dawn of creation, around the time of the Elohim. In our joy and rapture of separating and then joining again in tantric union, one event of tantric union saw 144,000 souls merge in spontaneous tantric union, creating the Sonship or the Christed soul. In a nutshell, you could say that 144,000 souls collectively are God as we think of God, while another 144,000 souls make up the Sonship.The Sonship souls are the ones that get to incarnate on earth and other physical dimensions in creation. Each soul can further split into 144,000 pieces and those pieces can further split into 144,000 pieces, enabling you to have multiple incarnations across multiple dimensions and realities, at the same time.Unlike mainstream religion, which would have you worshiping Jesus or a specific deity, the goal of lightworkers is to BECOME like Jesus or Buddha: a being operating at a higher level of consciousness.
As go along your path and grow your consciousness, the surges of information coming through are actually from soul aspects you’ve brought with you from higher dimensions to help you (and us all) through this time. These souls aspects may be from lives you’ve already lived or lives that you will live in the future, because time is only linear and contiguous inside the realm of physical creation.

Roles of the lightworker
A lightworker does not need to be Christian. In fact many lightworkers explore multiple faiths, blending aspects into their own personal rituals and discarding what does not resonate.

Most lightworkers identify as spiritual more than religious. While the parable of Jesus provides a storyline that many can follow, the concepts presented here apply to people of any faith.

In order to understand the roles of the lightworkers on the planet, you need to look at the names we’ve assigned to Jesus and God: the savior or redeemer, the creator and the messiah. As we turn this hairpin bend of creation, we’ll add another moniker to that list, the unifier. You can be a savior, creator, messiah AND unifier. One does NOT exclude the other, as you’ll see below.

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