Know Thyself - Welcome @ Kristo's blog

Know Thyself - Welcome @ Kristo's blog
David - I adore the community of saints / Gelukpa's

vrijdag 1 mei 2020

Invocation of the White Brotherhoood & the Priory of Zion.

The holy name and spelling of God in ancient Hebrew. Alternately pronounced “Yaw-way” or “Yay-wah,” both pronunciations being equally correct and interchangeable. Both the spelling and sound bring God’s protection and frighten all agents and allies of The Dark Lodge into cowardly retreat. 

Archangel Michael, defend us ALL in battle.

Thank you,

Kristo Gabriel

(People who are forced to work in the system are innocent and should not be persecuted. As the Buddhists say wisely, what One is forced to do creates no karma, because it does NOT include the personal will.

Love you all,


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